Tent Questions

What size tent will I need for my function?

This is a very good question. There are a number of factors that affect the tent size for any given event. Our rental brochure provides some basic guidelines, however, a head table, stage, bar area, buffet line, gift tables, and dance floor all require additional space. We would be happy to assist you with choosing a tent size. If you call our office or visit our showroom we could design a tent layout specific to your occasion.

Do the tents have to be anchored to the ground?

Northern Alberta can experience extremely volatile weather patterns throughout the summer months. Therefore, in every case the tent must be anchored with stakes, according to manufacturer's specifications. The preferred method of anchoring is to attach the tent to the ground with large metal stakes, in some cases we can secure the tent to permanent fixtures.

Can I have the tent erected on concrete or asphalt?

Yes you can, but we will have to drill holes into the asphalt to anchor the tent. In this case we would drill a hole that is approximately 1 1/2" in diameter. The stakes are then hammered into this pre-drilled hole. After the stakes have been removed an asphalt plug can be installed for an additional fee. These plugs are made of an asphalt compound and designed to adhere to the parking lot surface.

If the tent is being set up on cement we use a concrete anchoring system. This involves drilling a small hole and inserting a metal flush shell approximately 1/2" in diameter and 1 1/2" in length. An I-bolt can then be threaded into the shell and the tent is secured. Once the event is over the I-bolts can be removed leaving a hole roughly the size of a pen. If a tent is required in the same location in the future the flush shells can be reused.

Do I have to locate the underground lines? And if so, who do I call?

Yes, this is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. All under ground lines must be located prior to installation of the tent. All tents that we set-up must be anchored properly, this involves driving 24" to 42" stakes into the ground. These stakes could seriously damage underground utilities and could be both costly and hazardous. We require that you contact Alberta 1 Call approximately one week prior to your event. They can be reached at 1-800-242-3447 or albertaonecall.com. They will come out and locate the buried utilities at no charge. However, Alberta 1 Call only locates Primary utilities, which include gas, electrical, water, and communication lines. They do not locate any Secondary lines, these are lines or utilities that were installed after the initial major services were put into place and they include septic fields, underground sprinkler systems, and irrigation lines.

How much additional space is required when installing a tent?

The type of tent you rent will determine how much additional space is required. A frame tent requires an additional 5’ around the perimeter. If you are renting a 20’ x 20’ frame tent you should allow yourself a 30’ x 30’ area that is free of obstructions. If you are interested in a pole tent then it is suggested that you leave a minimum of 8’ to 10’ around the perimeter. For example, if you plan to rent a 40’ x 60’ tent we would suggest a clear, level area that is approximately 60’ x 80’. These additional allowances are strictly guidelines, if your space is smaller feel free to call the office and a site visit can be arranged

My back yard is sloped. Will you still be able to set up the tent?

If the ground has a major slope in it, it is probably not feasible to setup a tent. However, a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you would be comfortable sitting at a table for a meal. If you are not sure take a chair out to the area and move it around to all the various spots and try it out. If you feel comfortable in all the areas then it is possible to have a tent erected. If you have any doubts, it may be a good idea to have one of our staff members come out to do a site check.

I’m not really looking for a tent but I want something that attaches to my house, either from the eaves trough or the wall that nicely covers my sitting area.

The equipment we currently have in our rental inventory will not work for this particular application. However, we would suggest that you call a manufacturer that offers custom design and construction.

I am having a function at my house and I need some additional space. I would like to set up a tent on my deck. Is this possible?

Setting up tents on decks is something we do on occasion but we like to do a site visit prior to ensure that the tent will fit and there are no surprises when our installation staff arrives with the tent. Look over the available sizes in the Frame Tent section and if you feel one of them may work for your event, please contact the office and we will arrange to have a staff member come out and look at the area.

Can I install a 40’ x 100’ pole tent myself in order to avoid mileage charges?

It is our policy that only our trained staff set up pole tents and frame tents.

What determines whether or not I need a site visit?

Common sense normally dictates whether you require a site visit or not. If the space where you are planning on setting up the tent is large, flat and appears to be clear of any obstructions a site visit is probably not required. It is always a good idea to pace off or measure the area so you have a basic idea of its dimensions. If the space is irregular or if there are obstacles i.e. overhead lines, decks, gardens, trees, etc. in the way then a site visit is often recommended.

Do you have a tent that I can pick-up and set up myself?

Yes we do, they are called All Purpose Canopies (APC’s) and they are extremely popular. They are easy to setup, take down and transport. In most cases, two or three people can install an APC within an hour. These tents are available with or without walls. APC’s are available for pickup Friday and must be returned the following Monday.

How much additional space is required when installing an APC tent?

The manufacturer suggests a minimum of 6’ to 8’ around the perimeter to allow sufficient space for staking. Please note, we do not offer site visits for All Purpose Canopy rentals.

How far in advance do I have to place my order and do you require a deposit?

Once you have decided that you are going to require our services it is best to book right away. At the time of booking there are three things that we require. When you place your order we will require a deposit, the signed rental agreement and a valid credit card number on file. Please note that the person that provides the credit card number must be the SAME person who signs the rental agreement. Once we have received these items your order will be confirmed. Any changes you make to the order will adjust the balance owing; the deposit amount will remain the same.

Will I need a permit for my tent?

It is difficult for us to say whether or not a permit will be required for your specific tent event. As all districts and municipalities have different rules and guidelines pertaining to this, it is always best to check with the governing body in your area to see whether or not a permit will be required. Please keep in mind that often times in addition to the Building and Development Branch, the Liquor Board and Fire Department in your area may also need to be made aware of your event.

Delivery/Pick-Up Questions

What size of vehicle do I need to transport the APC?

A pick up truck is the most suitable vehicle however, the tents are quite compact and we can fit them in other vehicles if necessary. Customers have picked them up in mini vans and we have even put them in the trunk of some larger cars. If you are also picking up tables and chairs it would be advisable to call our office and see if the vehicle you are planning to use is sufficient.

I am heading out of town with the APC and I want to pick it up on Thursday, is this possible?

This is not a problem, but there will be an additional cost of 15% per day.

Is there a charge for delivery and pick up?

There is a $55.00 delivery charge and a $55.00 pick up charge for items delivered within city limits. Deliveries and pick up required on the same day, will be subject to additional costs. 

Will you deliver out of town?

Yes, but a mileage charge will apply. Our mileage is charged per loaded kilometer. This means that you are only charged when the equipment is actually on the truck. For example, if we were to set up a job in Red Deer, the customer would be charged when our staff, travel to Red Deer with the equipment on the truck. The customer would not be charged when the staff returned to our office nor when they return to dismantle the equipment. However, the charges would once again be in effect once the equipment was loaded up and our staff returned to the office for the final time. In this case the customer would be charged for approximately 300 kms (150 kms each way to Red Deer).

Does your staff require truck access to the setup site?

Depending on the style of tent you have rented the parts can be very heavy and difficult to carry long distances. Therefore, it is preferred that we drive right up to the site, drop off the required equipment, and then if needed, the truck can be removed. If truck access is not possible we ask that you let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly. In some cases additional labor costs may apply.

What happens if I need my items delivered or picked up after regular business hours, on the weekend or on a Statutory Holiday?

Because we are in the rental business we understand that certain time lines must be met. In some cases our customers have no control over the set up and take down times. We try to be as flexible as possible when these situations arise, however, unconventional setup and dismantle times directly affect our labor costs. Under these circumstances these additional costs must be passed on to the customer.

I require my order to be delivered at exactly 2:00 PM on Friday. Is this possible?

During our peak season it is extremely busy on Friday’s and Monday’s, this makes it difficult to set an exact delivery or pickup time. One of our staff members is responsible for scheduling setup and takedown crews; he contacts our customers early in the week to arrange a mutually beneficial time. If unforeseen circumstances arise, which cause our staff to fall behind schedule, we do our best to inform the customer and keep them as up to date as possible. If it is absolutely critical that you meet a staff member at a specific time an exact delivery and pickup fee may apply.

Can you deliver rental items if I am not home?

Yes, but this is not preferred. We like the customer to be on site when the equipment is dropped off. This ensures that the rental items are dropped off and setup in the correct location. Upon delivery we require the rental agreement to be signed and any outstanding balances cleared up. This is also a good opportunity for our staff to double check the order and confirm the customer has received all the required items, at this point if there is a problem or any concerns they can be dealt with immediately. For these reasons we try to schedule setup and delivery times that are convenient for our customers.

I cannot wait for your staff to pickup the items after my event. Can I just leave everything stacked up in the yard?

It is not as crucial that the customer be on site for pick-ups. If a tent was rented, the customer may stack other items up inside the tent and our staff will take everything away. In this situation all of the equipment is sheltered from the elements. However, tables, chairs and linens are more susceptible to damage due to weather, therefore, it is not recommended that they be left out in the elements. The customer is also responsible for the items while they are in their possession. Therefore, if you leave before our staff arrived and some items "disappear" the customer is responsible for the replacement cost of the lost items.

I am having a staff function at our office on the twentieth floor, will there be any additional charges for delivery and pickup?

Yes, our delivery and pickup rates are based on delivery to ground level. If the equipment has to be carried excessive distances, up or down stairs or into elevators additional charges will apply.

Payment Questions

What if I do not have a credit card? Can I still rent?

Yes you can. The credit card is a security measure. For example a customer pick up order consisting of an All Purpose Canopy complete with tables and chairs could easily exceed $10,000.00 in replacement value. We need some sort of a guarantee that the equipment will come back and also be returned in the same condition as when it went out. If a credit card is not available a cash deposit is required. The actual cash amount is determined on a case by case basis by management.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation period on tent orders is 45 days. If you have to cancel your tent within 45 days of the event, you will forfeit your deposit. If you cancel outside the 45 days we will refund your deposit less a $50.00 administration fee. If your order does not include a tent then the cancellation period is two weeks. If your event were cancelled at the last minute, after our trucks are loaded or the equipment has already been dropped off, the customer would be responsible for the entire rental cost.

When do I have to pay?

We require a 50% deposit at the time of booking. Any remaining balance is due either prior to or at the time of set up.

Will you match a competitor’s price?

As the old saying goes, Caveat Emptor, or buyer beware, often times, as we have all found out through past experiences you really do get what you pay for. Due to the fact that we have been in business for 30 years, with many long time employees, it is our belief that we can offer a superior level of experience, knowledge and service unparralleled by no one else in this area. With that being said, we are always open minded enough to sit down with you and go over any written quotation you may have recieved from any of our competitors. At that time, if we feel we are comparing the same level of quality and service, we may consider this request.

Other Questions

What is the rental rate for 1 day?

Our minimum rate is a weekend rate, which is actually a four day rate. The four day rate includes both the setup and take down days. For Example, the tent would be set up on Friday, the customer can use it on Saturday and Sunday and it would be removed on Monday.

What is the rental period?

The rental period for tents is Friday to Monday. Long term rentals are available. Please call our office if you have questions regarding your specific event.

What happens if a rental items gets lost or broken?

We offer an optional Damage Waiver on all rental orders. The Damage Waiver is charged at a rate of 10%, which applies to the entire order. It covers the first $100.00 of breakage and 50% of any damage thereafter. To qualify for the Damage Waiver you must return a piece of the broken item. We do not cover the cost of lost items.

I have rented linens, am I responsible for laundering them?

No, you do not have to wash the linens you rent. You must shake out any crumbs and any other goodies that may be left in the cloths and leave them in a dry place until they are picked up or returned. If the linens are damp, please allow them time to dry. If at all possible refrain from storing linen in plastic garbage bags for extended periods of time, as this will cause them to mildew.

Am I responsible for washing dishware, glassware and cutlery?

You do not have to wash these items but your are required to scrape and rinse them. Failing to do so may result in additional cleaning charges.

Does the rental rate of tables and chairs include set up and take down?

No, however, this is a service we offer at a minimal charge. Setup charge is $2.25 per table and $0.75 per chair. This charge includes both setup and takedown of the equipment. Our staff will require a clear layout of how you would like the items set up.

Can I have a function on public property?

Yes you can but you must make arrangements with the proper authorities. Once you have received permission contact us and we can proceed with your booking. We will require written documentation.


Additional Allowances
Dance Area 2-4 sq. ft./person
Bar Area 100 sq. ft.
Buffet Area (per table) 100 sq. ft.
Allowances are approximate. Feel free to call us at any time to determine actual specifications for your events. It is our concern that your event should be a success, and we would be more than happy to share our ideas with you.


Seating Allowances
Theatre Seating (Chairs in Rows) 6 sq. ft./person
Classroom Seating (Tables and Chairs in Rows) 8 sq. ft./person
Banquet Seating (Oblong/Rectangular tables) 10 sq. ft./person
Round Tables 12 sq. ft./person
Cocktail Parties and Receptions - All Standing 6 sq. ft./person
Cocktail Parties and Receptions - Some Seated 8 sq. ft./person


“Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you what a positive overall experience it was dealing with your company. Danielle was outstanding to deal with from start to finish! Your delivery people were also great to deal with. Thanks again!”

- Scott

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