Flooring & Staging

We are your source for dance floors, portable stages, stage skirting, tile, stage steps, and much more! 


Wood / Marble / Grey

Dance Floor (Finished Wood - 3' x 4' Sections) $1.75 per sq. ft.
Black Marble Tile (1' x 1' Sections) $1.35 per sq. ft.
Tent Flooring (Light Grey - 1'x2' Sections) $1.25 per sq. ft.
4' x 25' Red Carpet $100.00

Portable Stages & Risers

16" x 4'x8' Stage with Steps

Comes in 4' x 4' Wooden Top Section
12" High Staging $2.75 per sq.ft
16" High Staging $2.75 per sq.ft
32" High Staging $2.75 per sq.ft
Guard Rail - 4' wide, 42" high $25.00
Black Marble Stage Tile $1.35 per sq.ft
16" Steps with handrail $75.00
32" Steps with handrail $75.00 
Stage Skirting:  
12" High Black Skirting $1.95 per lineal ft.
16" High Black Skirting $1.95 per lineal ft.
32" High Black Skirting $1.95 per lineal ft.


“Just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you what a positive overall experience it was dealing with your company. Danielle was outstanding to deal with from start to finish! Your delivery people were also great to deal with. Thanks again!”

- Scott

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