Flooring & Staging

We are your source for dance floors, portable stages, stage skirting, tile, stage steps, and much more! 


Wood / Marble / Grey

Dance Floor (Finished Wood - 3' x 4' Sections) $1.75 per sq. ft.
Black Marble Tile (1' x 1' Sections) $1.35 per sq. ft.
Tent Flooring (Light Grey - 1'x2' Sections) $1.25 per sq. ft.
4' x 25' Red Carpet $100.00

Portable Stages & Risers

16" x 4'x8' Stage with Steps

Comes in 4' x 4' Wooden Top Section
12" High Staging $2.75 per sq.ft
16" High Staging $2.75 per sq.ft
32" High Staging $2.75 per sq.ft
Guard Rail - 4' wide, 42" high $25.00
Black Marble Stage Tile $1.35 per sq.ft
16" Steps with handrail $75.00
32" Steps with handrail $75.00 
Stage Skirting:  
12" High Black Skirting $1.95 per lineal ft.
16" High Black Skirting $1.95 per lineal ft.
32" High Black Skirting $1.95 per lineal ft.


“Gerry, Well what can I say other then again you and the crew from Big Top came through in spades! Big thanks for the support and patience as we build out this event into the future. I truly value our partnership and you always pull through for me.”

- Play It By Ear Productions

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