Standard Glassware

 All cutlery must be ordered in dozens.

6.5 oz. Wine Glass $0.48

8.5 oz. Teardrop Wine Glass $0.65

12 oz. Teardrop Wine Glass $0.85

12 oz. Wine Glass $0.85

6 oz. Champagne Flute $0.48

5.5 oz. Champagne Saucer $0.52

10 oz. Stemmed Hi-Ball $0.48

10.25 oz. Old Fashioned Hi-Ball $0.52

8 oz. Standard Hi-Ball $0.48

11 oz. Water Goblet $0.48

23 oz. Pilsner Beer Glass $0.95

12 oz. Stemmed Beer Glass $0.50

12 oz. Beer Stein w/ Handle $0.75

1 oz. Shot Glass $0.42

1.25 oz. Liqueur Glass $0.48

3 oz. Sherry Stemmed $0.48

5.5 oz. Brandy Snifter $0.48

7.5 oz. Martini Glass $0.95

8 oz. Cosmo Glass $0.95

9 oz. Margarita Glass $1.50

8.75 oz. Cappuccino/Irish Cream Glass Mug $0.85

4.5 oz. Sorbet/Sundae Dish $0.52

1 Liter Wine Decanter $2.50

Crystal Glassware

Crystal Glassware

19 oz. Crystal Wine Glass                                  $0.85
16 oz. Crystal Wine Glass    $0.85
12 oz. Crystal Wine Glass    $0.85
14 oz. Crystal Water/Beer Glass    $0.85
7 oz. Crystal Champagne Glass    $0.85
10 oz. Crystal Old Fashioned Hi-Ball Glass    $0.85
13 oz. Crystal Tall Hi-Ball Glass $0.85


“I just wanted to pass along a big thank you for your assistance with making our wedding brunch a complete success. The equipment was in excellent shape and worked with no problems. I found your brochure very helpful and it gave me items to rent that I had not thought of using to make our guests comfortable. People loved the use of utensils, the cloth napkins and the glass cups as our crowd was very conscious about the "green" environmental aspects and it just added the extra touch I felt it needed for this special occasion. We will pass along to others what a benefit it was to utilize your services and the next event we put on, we will definitely include your expertise!”

- Joanne & Rene

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