Misc Rental Equipment

Lecturnette / Follage Tree / Draw Drum Projection Screen / Coat Rack / Easel

Lecturnette (Free standing podium with built in p.a/microphone system, battery operated) $130.00
Podium (Standing Height) $60.00
60" x 60" Projection Screen $40.00
Easel (3 Adjustment levels) $17.50
Chrome Sign Holder (22" x 28") $15.00
Medium Draw Drum (12" Diameter) $35.00
Large Draw Drum (15" Diameter) $42.50
6' Artificial Foliage Tree $20.00
6' Branch Tree with Mini Lights $20.00
1' x 4' Mirror with Black Frame $9.00
Coat Rack (Comes with 25 hangers) $20.00
Extra Hanger $0.20
Coat Check Ticket $0.10
Table Number Stand $2.25
Table Number $1.00
Megaphone $45.00
Ceremonial Scissors (36" Length) $50.00
5lb. Fire Extinguisher $15.00
28" Traffic Pylon $8.00
Parking Barricade $22.50
White Wood Arch $250.00

Garbage & Recycle Bins

Wastecan (87L) $7.50
Wastecan (Tall with tilt top lid) $10.00
Wastecan (Short with tilt top lid) $5.00
Wastecan (120L) $12.50
Recycling Bin $12.50


“We truly appreciate the professional manner that the staff at Big Top Tent Rentals conduct their business on behalf of the company and the great services that we were provided from the time we contacted the company to get information, to the people that delivered and pickup the stuff, through the final invoicing today. Big Top Tent Rentals will be our recommendation for anyone that is interested in the products and services that you offer.”

- Leslie

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