Wood / Plastic / Picnic

We have a wide assortment of table rentals depending on the style of your event and the number of guests you want to accommodate. Our stock includes picnic table rentals, wooden table rentals, plastic table rentals and even bar-height pedestal table rentals.

Rectangular Tables  
4' x 30" Wooden Table (seats 4)   $13.50
6' x 30" Wooden Table (seats 6) $13.50
6' x 30" Plastic Table (seats 6) $13.50
8' x 30" Wooden Table (seats 8) $13.50
8' x 30" Plastic Table (seats 8) $13.50
Folding Picnic Table (seats 6) $42.50
Set-up/Take-down charge $2.25 per table

5' Round Table

Round Tables  
4' Round (seats 6) $13.00
5' Round (seats 8) $16.00
6' Round (seats 10) $20.00
6' Half Round $15.00
Serpentine Table $23.50
Set up/Take down charge $2.25 per table

Standing Ped Table - White Spandex with LED Light

Bar Height Tables


30" Round Pedestal Table - Seated Height
     Recommended tablecloth: 61" x 61", 120" round, or Spandex                           

30" Round Pedestal Table - Standing Height
     Recommended tablecloth: 71" x 71", 120" round, or Spandex
Multi-Coloured Light Unit $20.00


“To your new customers who may be planning a special event, then your search is over. Sign up Big Top now for all your needs. Kites Over Callingwood Event just celebrated their 22nd year. Big Top has been our supplier for at least 20 of those years. Hopefully for both parties twenty more. I can't say enough about the excellent service and the speciial way you are treated by Danielle DeCorby when you first call in. She sometimes beats me to it and we start to plan the Labor Day event in January. She has been so obliging with our special requests and on occasion I have to order more tables a few days prior. I have NEVER been told we can't do that or made to feel that my request is an imposition. The crews who come out to set up are also very obliging. They are there earlier than the appointed time and are immediately setting up the tents. There was one year when they went beyond their job description. The city had dumped the picnic tables and chairs way beyond the allotted spot. The crew drove over loaded them on the truck and brought them back to the field. I could go on and on... thank you Big Top, you are a pleasure to do business with. Sincerely, Sharon Brown Kites Committee Chair”

- Sharon - Kites Over Callingwood

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